Theme Switcher

Downloads: 860
Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.1

Last Updated: March 2, 2012
Tags: theme template switch
Author: mvlcek
Author Website:

(3.1) 8 Votes

Plugin Description:

Allows the switching of themes by the site visitor:

  • all templates configured in any page must exist in all themes
  • if there is a functions.php in a theme, it must be the same in all themes

Install Instructions:

Unzip to your plugins folder.

Add links (or a form) to your template to allow the visitor to switch themes:

  • To temporarily (user session) switch to a theme (here Cardinal), use a link


  • To permanently (default 30 days via cookie) switch to a theme (here Cardinal), use a link


  • To switch to default theme (and clear the cookie), use a link


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