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Chinese Simplified 3.27 (Language)

Chinese Simplified for GS 3.0
Tagged: chinese simplified

Traditional Chinese language file 1.0 (Language)

Tagged: designer Taiwan

Traditional Chinese language file 2.0 (Language)

* GetSimple???????????????????? * ???GetSimple 3.1 * GetSimple 3.0????????[Traditional Chinese language...
Tagged: Taiwan Design Chinese TW HK

Chinese Simplified 3.1 (Language)

get-simple3.1Version Chinese Simplified
Tagged: Chinese Simplified

Chinese Simplified #0.1 (Language)

et-simple3.3 Version Chinese Simplified

I18n DeepL Page Translation 1.0.3 (Plugin)

This plugin allows automatic translation of GetSimple CMS pages using the <a...
Tagged: deepl translation i18n multilingual