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Category: Theme
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.2.3 - 3.2.3

Last Updated: October 21, 2013
Tags: pure css responsive light base theme
Author: Timbow
Author Website: http://timbowgs.bplaced.net/
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Theme Description:

This is a fully responsive ultra-lite GetSimple Theme which uses the new and popular Pure collection of css files. It contains minimal styling and is intended as a base for creating Pure sites with GetSimple. See the Pure HomePage for information: http://purecss.io/

Install Instructions:

Normal theme installation.

The main css is not in the theme but linked from YUI (Yahoo User Interface). The file style.css contains just a few rules to make pure work as a GS theme. Add your own styles below. Go to http://purecss.io/ to get started.