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How to a php file/function
I can generate pages well. I want to include a PHP file/function on one page ( it is file calendar.php to put a calendar on the page)

Can I embed the file so that is used and the calendar displayed?

If the functions in calender.php allow it you can use php include:

 <?php include(''); ?>
On a web page I went to the Source code mode and inserted the line
<?php include(''); ?>
When I updated the page and went to Source code mode again and the inserted line was then
<!--?php include(''); ?-->
The function didn't work.
How do I get it to work?

Use plugin
I used the plug-in. I found that I had to put calendar.php in the plugins directory and activate it. The plug-in worked but on every page not just one where I put
{% calendar %}. Also it was the top of every page not where I wanted it.

Any further suggestions appreciated.
You have to put the code inside the calendar.php file in a component. Then by using dynpages include it in your page.

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