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Support for multilanguage sites, Internationalization (I18N)
Since the other thread got no attention so far, would anybody here have any idea how to fix this problem:
It's basically about the sitemap not being created correctly for sub-language pages...

Cheers and thanks for any help!

Thanks for the plugin,
I have an important question, I checked the sitemap.xml file which has been generated by the plugin however it is outdated and I need to update it asap, would you please help me and show how I can have it updated,

Try updating any page, sitemap.xml should be re-generated.
If not, check if you have GSNOSITEMAP set to true in your gsconfig.php
If not, enable debug mode, update some page and see if you get any errors, and check data/other/logs/errorlog.txt
Hi there,

is there a way to vary the meta description depending on the selected language?

@mvlcek, got this PHP notice with GSDEBUG = true on Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6:

Quote:Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; I18nNavigationItem has a deprecated constructor in ...\plugins\i18n_navigation\frontend.class.php on line 349
My ISP upgraded me to php 7.0 and now I get this warning:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; I18nNavigationItem has a deprecated constructor in /homepages/26/d230266985/htdocs/EDS-FL/plugins/i18n_navigation/frontend.class.php on line 349

I upgraded the plugins (i18n_base and i18n_navigation) to the latest as of 3/1/2017 (v3.3.1) and I still have this message (it got rid of a second message I had, the original plugin was at least one year old).

Any suggestion as to how to fix this would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

PS: after posting this question, I see the last post was a reference to the same message, with no solution offered Sad
just declare an empty __construct function inside the I18nNavigationItem class, it should enough for the moment.
public function __construct() {}

i've been searching for a while now but didn't find a setting to show the creation date and publish date of each page in pagelist.

If there's no setting, could someone please tell me, how to add it, i.e. additional to the information shown when i press toggle status?
I'd like to see those dates already in the pagelist. Right now it's only visible when editing the page.

Carlos told me (, that I18N base replaces the original pagelist, which showed the dates.
Could somebody please tell me, how i can add them again, using I18N and Special pages?

Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards.
You can already see the publish date in the list view. Not sure but, the creation date is not stored by default, you will have to save it manually with special pages or something else. Showing is not a big problem, you could use a hook to override pages list, "pages-main" for example.
Hello Bigin,

thank you, it's right, the creation date is not necessary, but the publish date isn't shown when you use the I18N plugin.
Funnywise, the date is written in the "title" component of the <a>-tag but not shown in the list.

I did the following changes in the template files now, in case somebody wants to see the publish date in list view also:


- line 148: change colspan to 4
- line 173: add <td style="text-align:right;"><?php echo shtDate($page['date']); ?></td>
- fill the missing <td> in the following lines (after else ...) with <td></td>, usually before the <td "secondary link">

Hi Shasaar,
if the date already there, an other option would be to use a "CSS tooltips" in pure CSS, to display the date in tooltip, instead of changing the plugin file. Here's an example:
Hello Bigin,

thank you for your reply, that's a pretty good idea too and I already saved your code and may use it for something else.

This time, I want the publish date to be visible all the time, cause I've got a bunch of articles and the customer needs to see, which one is the oldest or the newest, so that he can decide, which one to update.

I use the I18N Vers. 3.13. Unfortunatly in the original Menue of "Iridium" Theme the "current" Menue is class="current active"
But the I18N with the Language Menue Plugin produces only class="current" for active Menue bottons.

How can i change this, that the Language Menues not have different show of the "normal" Iridium Active Buttons.
I also want actrive Button with a frame around.

Here you can see:

Thanks for help

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