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What do you want more? Plugins or Themes?
(2023-04-24, 21:25:54)Oleg06 Wrote:
(2023-04-24, 20:41:23)multicolor Wrote:
(2023-04-24, 14:31:28)Oleg06 Wrote:
(2023-04-24, 06:23:51)multicolor Wrote:
(2023-04-21, 17:27:27)Oleg06 Wrote: It would be very nice to already have a plugin that will automatically create webp files with the same name in the jpg download folder. Then, in plugins, for example, galleries, it would be possible to use picture tags, and simultaneously load images with the webp extension.

uploader ext v 1.0 is have this function - you can try link , but this makes some problem on some hosting so i decided remove this. I will back this option next update.

I updated to 3.0 - you can test before i release this to repo - webp now working and options auto compress or change ext to wep (support for jpg,png,gif)Smile

The plugin works fine on my hosting. The checkbox only turns on by itself. And it would be nice to make sure that you do not have to upload the same files twice, and the conversion takes place in parallel.

Final release:

An extra dot is added to the webp extension.
file line 176

Thanks, replaced Smile

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