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my personal website
my personal website
I am mostly using it to test what I can create using GetSimple and some of the many plugins available.
I have been using GetSimple for small personal websites for myself and friends for a few years now and hope to continue to use it for years to come.
Juan Pecan - My Personal Website -
Nice work, I look forward to seeing updates

GS Community Edition with php8.x compatibility, new features and much more!  Support Me

thank you islander  Big Grin

I'm currently working on implementing a small user profile page/section using Front-End User Login Enhanced
all the information is generated dynamically for each user and can only be viewed by the user currently logged in,
but I may try and change this at some point if I can.

[Image: profile-screenshot-aurafssite.png]

I am also working on using the Client Files plugin to give all users/members a page where they can upload/share files.
Juan Pecan - My Personal Website -

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