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i18n newbie trouble
Hi All,

Looking for a new easy to use CMS and came across Get Simple. I quite like the interface and would like to use it on some sites but having some basic problems with the i18n plug ins which I need some help with.

1. I installed v3.0 of get simple on the web server. No problems and have the basic theme working.
2. Installed the summer theme and changed over without any problems.
3. Next I wanted sub menus so I uploaded the i18n plug in to the server and did the following as instructed.

In the template :
Replaced get_component with get_i18n_component
Replaced get_navigation with get_i18n_navigation

Also I modified this section of the theme to:

<?php get_i18n_navigation(return_page_slug(), 1, 99, true); ?>

My problem is that even though the plug in is enabled and appears to set up sub menus correctly on the admin part of the site, the front end does not. On the front end the sub menu item appears as the top level item. The top level menu item is now gone.
( I also tried this using Wamp on my PC just in case it was a server problem but no change).

I am glad for any help.
I would guess its a simple fix for someone who knows what they are doing.
i would advise you to read the instructions again.
see the 0 compared to your 1? Smile
Jyggafey Wrote:i would advise you to read the instructions again.
see the 0 compared to your 1? Smile

Thanks for the reply.
I have tried various numbers on there but to no avail.
I have just 2 menu items. On the second menu item it has 2 or 3 child items. These are setup on the back end.
When the second top level item is clicked it disappears and the child items then appear under the first menu item. I cant see anything I have done wrong.

Another thing, when the theme is changed and the _i18n text modified as before the entire menus disappear. I would like to get this CMS working but cannot understand why a plug in is required for a feature that is necessary on any website. Sad
If there is anything else I can try I would appreciate it. I have also tried all of this locally on wamp with no difference.
have a look at

there I used that theme and integrated the multi-level-menue without problems
it is working like this:

<!--main menu -->
<div id="main_menu">
<div id="menu" class="sitemenu" style="list-style: none;clear:both;">
<ul><?php get_i18n_navigation(return_page_slug(), 0, 0); ?>
</div><!-- ende menu -->
<!--end main menu -->

give us the URL of your site so we can see what you do

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Hey Connie,

Thanks for the reply.

The site is currently a subdomain at

admin : mary
password : mary

thanks for any help !
mikelan Wrote:The site is currently a subdomain at

You should never post passwords here, rather send a private mail (PM) to the person offering help.

The problem with the menu is your CSS, e.g.
  • the outer ul and the inner ul (for the second level pages) have both a width of 580px, which causes the Acupuncture li to be pushed below Home.
  • the inner li should not be display:inline and float:left

Look at or search for "css dropdown menu".
I18N, I18N Search, I18N Gallery, I18N Special Pages - essential plugins for multi-language sites.
thanks Mvlcek, ill try that.

The site is only in a test location.
Once I've finished evaluating the CMS I'll put it somewhere else and secure it.
Unfortunately Ive decided to use wordpress instead of get simple in the end. It is easier to use even for a static site.
Thanks for the help all, but out of the box menus that work are something that needs to work straight away and not as a plug in. Just my 2 cents. thanks !

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