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Use Transifex for translation management
I've looked at Transifex and written a proposal for its use in the wiki.
I've set up two of my plugins - I18N Gallery and I18N Special Pages - with a temporary hub project instead of the GetSimple project.

I've also enhanced the Translate plugin to be able to download/compare/upload files from/to Transifex (see attachment). Just hover over the Transifex link and enter your credentials and then select one of the above plugins. Use the Transifex version as target language.
Downloading should work with any Transifex user, uploading will fail unless you are a translator for the project - give me your Transifex user name and I will add you.

@Joshas: Thanks for suggesting Transifex and finding out about the formatting problem.

I have not looked at releases and reviewers as I don't think that this is needed for plugins (but might be useful for GetSimple).

P.S.: As the transifex software is open source, you could also install and host an own instance on GetSimple servers and maybe tie the login to the forum/extend.
I18N, I18N Search, I18N Gallery, I18N Special Pages - essential plugins for multi-language sites.

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