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Full Localize Date
Hello and congratulations for the great CMS. Looking through the documentation and the forum i have found many answers to my questions but i have not figured out how to locate (eg Italian) the date. I read the part shown on the wiki but could you explain more easily how to implement a template. I just want to get something like 13 maggio 2012 (d F Y) instead of May 13, 2012 (F d, Y), it is difficult to locate the month or day? I am not speaking of date php function that is clear to me, but the textual representations of the days and months. Thanks
You show the link to the wiki, but for the wrong information. You are not a plugin developer, so you don't need that info.

for example:

open the gsconfig.file with an editor and find this line:

# Set PHP locale

there is a line which in the following example defines for german:
setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE');
$LANG = 'de_DE';

check these lines and use the italian values, I suggest it is it_IT

2) do you use the italian language file for GetSimple?
if so, find it in the folder /admin/lang

open the file and find these lines, the example is again for german:
* For: Date Format
"DATE_FORMAT" => "d.M Y",
"DATE_AND_TIME_FORMAT" => "F jS, Y - g:i A", //Datum und Zeitangaben

here you can define the date format like you want to show it. The format "d.m.Y" is the format of php date.

if you have not the italian language file, go to EXTEND/ Language FIles, download, check these lines and upload it

Good luck, Connie

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