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identify user within plugin
Hi - there seems to be good documentation on hooks/filters, but I'd like to be able to identify a user within a plugin (so that I can conditionally let them do something).

I think I can see how it's done in the multi-user plugin:
$current_user = get_cookie('GS_ADMIN_USERNAME');
which is not exactly re-assuring, and I worry that it might change in future versions.

Have I missed a section of the docs that tell me formally about this? Or is this something still too early in the development phase to be used?

Thank you
Since we do not support multiple users in core there are not very friendly functions for this.
That will work though.
Also the global USR
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
(2012-12-24, 04:05:29)shawn_a Wrote: Also the global USR

Ah, that's more like it - thank you!

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