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3.4.0 wish list
Is it possible to do the transliteration of the components?
I found that in the editor, if I double click (or click on link icon) on an anchor (link) that points to an external URL with http: and so on, then the popup window will display the URL.
But if I click on a link that points to a local page (eg. "/folder/something") then the popup will display an empty page.

So what I ask is to make the second case more similar to the first case Smile
(2019-02-17, 01:10:09)Oleg06 Wrote: Is it possible to do the transliteration of the components?

Not sure but with Components Extended you can get around this issue, see screenshot below:

[Image: bVnssQJ.png]
Two relatively small items to add to the wishlist:
  • attach more common CSS styles to classes instead of #ids or nested tags, so plugin devs don't need to re-style everything (the .text class is also not self-explanatory)
  • Make the default width something like 1280px instead of 960px, no one uses < 1024px screens anymore (I might add a PR for this if it is sensible enough)
Screen size vs. Window size
(2019-02-20, 10:05:16)Tyblitz Wrote:
  • ... no one uses < 1024px screens anymore...
It is true that today's screens can be huge, more recently, even for the average web client.
But many users, in particular Mac/Linux users abhor viewing web pages full screen: (i) the layout sucks, too much empty space, neck pains...; (ii) utility of keeping additional windows in view for drag 'n drop, or just for reference (both ways)
This is all already addresses in 3.4
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Not sure what the comments about classes or ids means..
NEW: SA Admin Toolbar Plugin | View All My Plugins
- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I would like to suggest a plugin droplet or tag registration system. When a plugin requires the user to insert a droplet or tag on to a page, all of those could be readily selectable from a list.

Example - there is a Gallery plugin and a Calendar plugin installed.

Using the Gallery, you create galleries called Wedding, Dogs, House Projects.
This generates tags like gallery_wedding, gallery_dogs, gallery_house_projects.

Using the Calendar, you create event calendars called Monthly Meetings, Special Events, Parties.
This generates tags like calendar_monthly_meetings, calendar_special_events, calendar_parties.

Each plugin would register those tags to a common database.
When editing a page, you would be able to select from a drop-down list of registered tags to use on that page:

Usable Tags:
Calendar Plugin
- calendar_monthly_meetings
- calendar_parties
- calendar_special_events
- gallery_dogs
- gallery_house_projects
- gallery_wedding

Drag/Drop or Highlight/Add the selected tag on to the page. This would insert the tag on to the page like (%calendar_parties%) .

Someone with less coding ability could more easily add plugin components to pages with less error.

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