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Front End User Login Enhanced Plugin (XML only)
Front End User Login Enhanced is based upon the Front End User Login plugin, so most of what is sayed about that plugin here is also correct for this plugin but some things are different.

Get it from Extend

First, the database support was removed.
Second, users can recover their passwords and user names if they have forgotten.
Third, it adds support for full name of users and user groups. The plugin comes with three default groups Admin, Users, and Unauthorized that cannot be changed. All not logged in users are handled as group Unauthorized. Pages can be set to be visible only to users of a group. Users of Admin group will see all pages.

Feature requests are welcome but may be not taken.
Hi ds10, I'm trying your amazing plugin and goes very well! Thank you.
It is possible to have same users in more groups?
No it's not possible at the moment, but it's a good idea, I will look how to make it possible.
I've uploaded a new version with multiple group selection for users and page access.
(2014-06-05, 19:22:39)ds10 Wrote: I've uploaded a new version with multiple group selection for users and page access.

Thanks ds10, everything runs perfectly, just as I wished.
You're strong.
Thank you again.
Great improvements!

It seems the links to the register and forgotten password features underneath the login form always point to the english language versions of those functions, even when the german version is loaded.

Also, I would like to see an option to turn off the registration feature. Not everybody wants to allow public registrations.
Also, it would be nicer to integrate the full name in the welcome greeting rather than the username.
Additionally, I just noticed that the multi-select box breaks the backend post admin layout when CKeditor is used.
Well, you've made some valid points. I've uploaded a new version, that fixes that.
Beautiful! Thank you!
Hi, I'm new to GetSimple.
Just installed GetSimpleCMS 3.3.2 with dynpages and the Front End User Login Enhanced Plugin.

Managed to bind the Login Mask from the Plugin in my Page.
When I tested it, I found out, that there is an issue at least on my page:

When you log in everything works fine.
After logging out, a new login is not possible.

I found out, that this has to do something with the parameter ?logout=yes in the logout URL.
When I delete this parameter, the login works again.

Is there a special technique to avoid this, or have I found a bug?

I posted this here in the German Forum and shawn_a is pretty shure, that this is a plugin issue.

Is anyone else then me having this issue?
Well you could see it either way. The logout link refers to your start page, so if the login box is not on the start page you will not have any problems. Simply put the login form behind a link and not directly at the start page.

You could also argue that the login form should not take the full URL for post.
Okay, I understand.
Changed it, now it does, what I want.

Thank you.
Could you provide an option to turn off the forgotten user name function?

I am using last names as user names and people don't forget thoseWink
Is it so annoying? If nobody forgets the user name, no one will use this function and it's only a link, that simply can be ignored. It's nothing like the self registering function, that can be problematic if you want to manage the users yourself.

If you don't want it, open user_login_enhanced.php with an editor and delete, or comment the line 1018:
echo '<a href="'.basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']).$code.'forgotUser=1&lang='.$lang.'">'.$i18n['FORGOTUSER'].'</a></p>';
Yes, it's not on the same level as user self registrations, but I like to spare my users any irrelevant thinking work. Thanks!
I would also like to see a login with Facebook function. How hard would this be to do? I couldn't find any social login plugins for GetSimple...
I don't care for Facebook, so I don't know how hard it would be. I won't integrate in anyway.
Is it possible to send data to your plugin from external form?
I want to use CSS3 login form which will be accessible from the button(link) somewhere in sidebar or header..
I am really novice in web-programming just start learning...
It should be possible, just look at login form in the source of the plugin and you can replicate it with your style (the login form starts at line 980 of user_login_enhanced.php).

But you also could simply change the CSS style for the login in the settings of the plugin.
I have installed front end user login enhanced plugin on my website. Everything works as it should except for one annoying issue I can not figure out. I can create a user and I have successfully logged in as that user. But as soon as I navigate away from the page to another page within the website, user information is lost and I am logged back out. Either it is logging the user out or user information is not retained when clicking into another page of the website.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
The user login is bound to the session so it's unlikely that it will be lost.
Maybe you are logged in but the groups of the hidden page and your user don't match so you won't see the page even if you are logged in.

One problem with login was that it didn't work if you put the login box on the front page and you logged in once and logged out after that, you couldn't log because the login part of the URL would be retained. (You would see the part ?logout=yes in the URL)

I've upload an update for the plugin to prevent that.
(2014-12-28, 19:45:53)ds10 Wrote: One problem with login was that it didn't work if you put the login box on the front page and you logged in once and logged out after that, you couldn't log because the login part of the URL would be retained. (You would see the part ?logout=yes in the URL)

I've upload an update for the plugin to prevent that.

Yes, I saw that issue and did have that issue before but addressed it.

I decided to remove the entire Get Simple installation and start over fresh. I'm using 3.3.4, uploaded and using the My Company theme and then installed the Front End User Login Enhanced plugin.

I created one user in the "User" group. I made sure the home page in My Company is using the frontpage template so there is no sidebar (where I put the Login box). I created a second page using the default template. In the theme configuration I edited the Sidebar component. I deleted the default wording in there and put in the following code in the sidebar:
<?php echo show_login_box('en'); ?>

<?php echo welcome_message_login('en'); ?>

When I go to that newly created page the login box is there and I am able to successfully login. I then click on the home page and then go back to the original page where I logged in and it shows the login box again as if I have never logged in. If I want to see that page (which is set to be viewable by "user", not "unauthorized") I would have to login in again to view the page.

So somehow my session information is being lost when I go to the Home page and then back to the other page.
If the session is lost it may be some problem with PHP. I tried it again with a localhost lampp and everything works fine.

These two values are used with the session:

You also don't need to use echo for the function calls.
I've put the login form in my (site global) sidebar (using a component), but the links for 'login', 'Register' etc are all of the form: ""

I'm currently using "Fancy URLs" and I have my site currently in a sub directory, so I'm guessing this is the reason for the problem. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

Also is it possible to add a "Remember Me" option to login?

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