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Allow Plugin list on GS site to be sortable
Not sure if this possible, but as someone who is using GetSimple for the first time I found it hard to find the right plugins.

This would be most helpful while doing searches. The site seems to list the plugins in random order. What I would like to see is to be able to sort the list by 'most downloaded' or 'most recent update' and then be able to pick if I want to see themes or plugins and which version of GetSimple the plugin/theme is compatible with (2.x, 3.x).

Another thing that would be helpful is on the extend page for the most downloaded plugin/theme is the ability to pick a time frame for most downloaded. I.E. most downloaded of 2014, or even by month.

This would be great because it says that 'News Manager' is one of the top downloaded plugin, but the plugin that should be used is actually 'News Manager - Updated'.
I agree mostly, see my earlier topic about this:

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