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QUESTION Multiple Content Areas Simplified?
I have reviewed and used various options to create multiple content areas on my Get Simple sites, but I'm wondering if there is some way to create a template that would have at least two content areas and it would not involve creating additional pages or components.

Ideally, I would like to create a template for a page with the two areas so that when the client creates a new page they only have to click on the create a new page button and voila! the page has the two areas with no further work needed.

The client is not going to be able to do the additional things required to create a page with two areas using the current methods I have found in the forum. (unless I'm missing a thread) And the idea is not to have me be involved in the day to day of the site.

Is something like this possible?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

I assume you are referring to specialpages and customfields and simpletabs plugins ?

you could always whip up a tiny plugin to do it if you know php, its pretty easy add extra field, save post on save hook, you can even do it in components using my hook_component plugin.

"customfields" would not require any "special steps", so not sure what the problem is.
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Then they would have to put the content in the on the options page. Forgot about that. That could work as they have to go to the options to set the template, etc. so they would be there and not have to create something somewhere else on the site.

Thank you for breaking my brain freeze!!!
ah you are right, use the auto page options plugin that keeps it open all the time.

I guess custom fields plugin could be modified to use the edit-content hook instead of edit-extras
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I think the simple-input-tabs plugin is best for that.
I've decided the special pages is the way to go and I'm making the templates etc. right now. I'm thinking I want to call the display of the search in the template or component to act as my nav for the section. I have used search results displayed with a thumb on another site and I liked the look but the call for the results was on the page, not in a template or in a component.

You can see the section taking shape here if you care to take a look. I haven't gotten to any formatting/css yet. Just assembling the functionality, fields and layout of things. main jump page for the section
Special page test

Currently I have regular pages attached to the parent and I'm calling them with the sidebar, but can I pop the call into a component? (% searchresults tags="_special_grocery" order="menuOrder" %) or do I need to add php tags?
<?php ?> If I can, what would the proper syntax be to call search results in the component? Or would it be better to put the call in the template? I am not a programmer so I just search through and try to find examples and follow instructions.

Thank you both for your suggestions!

I've moved this question to the Search Plugin thread

I do have the search results displaying, just need to style it now.

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