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Wordsworth Theme
Demo at

Theme here in Extend

This will work well as an ordinary theme but i made it for a news driven site with a homepage showing images from the last six News posts as the demo site.
To get a page like this use the template news.php and install both the plugins NewsManager(Updated) and NMAddons. In The News Manager Settings Panel set Number of recent posts (in sidebar) to 6, choose Yes in Enable post images, set the image size to 525w x 350h and tick the box to Crop post images to fit. Make sure you update your htaccess when you are prompted.

Alternatively use this zipfile to get the plugins and the dummy post and pages as per the demo site.
I like it.
Nothing wrong with V1.0 but uploaded V1.1

V1.1 has a full set of page layouts so the sidebar can be displayed left, right, or below the main content or not at all. also a 50-50 2-column page.

Ready for easy custom sidebars. the component sidebar is displayed by default. A component named sidebar-slug will be displayed on that page only without editing the templates. It's this system all ready to use:
Hi !
nice theme !

I just would like to know if i can display the sidebar on the left or on the right when the width of the screen is large on a desktop pc and have sidebar content under the global content on a phone device.
Thanks !
I replaced the content of the Main template by the content of sidedar left. php and it works.
But is it possible to do it through the settings ?

Great theme !
IDK, it's a long time ago, but it sounds like you should be able to change the page template

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