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GS Custom Settings - setting collections
GS Custom Settings - Setting Collections

The idea 
Currently a recurring problem with (some) themes is that they assume the existence of specifically or (more problematically, generically)-named components. Providing simple, standardized importable setting collections for GS Custom Settings can partially help. Anyone who would want to use them, could very easily include them with their theme, but they would also be downloadable from Extend as stand-alone. 
In essence these would be 'mini-plugins' which provide a collection of fields ready to use.

Also see @datiswous' post for providing extra customization for plugins with GS Custom Settings.

  • A base collection ready for use in any site/ theme.
  • Any settings the user misses, (s)he could simply add in 'Edit' mode.
  • Any settings the user does not wish, (s)he could simply delete in 'Edit' mode or set to 'Access: Hidden'.
  • Translatable
Possible setting collections
  • Contact & social
  • Slider settings
  • Google Maps 
  • Theme colors
I would like to release the first setting collection soon; as for the settings those would be:

Tab (name/lookup): Contact/ contact
  • Address
  • Country
  • State 
  • City 
  • Address Line 1 
  • Address Line 2 
  • Zip code 
  • E-mail 
  • Phone 
  • Fax 
  • Mobile 
  • Social accounts
    • Facebook 
    • Twitter 
    • Google+ 
    • Linkedin
Did I forget any for the contact collection? What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you have other collection ideas?
Maybe we need a specific Extend-category for plugin/theme -extra files.

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