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PROBLEM Obscure login form
Hi There!

I'm blocked at point 4 according to
a persistent login form appears when I try to go to www.domain.tld/GetSimple/admin. It looks like
My site
I cannot guess what to put in (tried all possible combinations, even "Forgot your password?"
Consequently, I cannot see the GetSimple Installation sreen.
This moment (login screen) is completely missing from the tutorial video You can check this at 2:36 to 2:41.

Earlier by a step, www.domain.tld/GetSimple works normally, I can see the default (blue) GetSimple picture.
Also, my domain (newly registered) works normally.

I've installed GS using the cPanel/Installatron feature of my local hosting service. No error message observed in that process. Eventually, I've catched in the meantime that Installatron is generating a password for me. I've saved that password and could try it with several combinations, such as
- Username: admin
- Password: [pAKeMdQ^G^6 (given by Installatron)
- Username: .ntaccess (found in Installatron when checking setup)
- Password: `sSFuS~yPi53 (changed in Installatron)
Additionally, I've requested a new password using "Forgot your password?" feature of that obscure login sreen, but no e-mail arrived to my e-mail box.
Also, I've deleted and reinstalled GetSimple more carefully but exactly with the same result.

Please help me, because I have no more ideae what username and password to use.

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