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nanoGALLERY for I18N Gallery
Main Description

A cool gallery plugin, mobile friendly fully responsive and swipe action, with slideshow support.

1.    NanoGallery for I18N Gallery is not a full GetSimple plugin, but a plugin for the GS I18N Gallery plugin. With the plugin I18N Gallery, which is a full GetSimple plugin, you can setup a gallery of images in the backend admin panel, give titles and captions in multiple languages and then choose from one of several internal gallery types for how the images are then actually displayed in the front end, such as Fancybox, S3Slider, etc.  NanoGallery for I18N Gallery is an additional gallery type which you can include in the I18N Gallery plugin for you to then choose.         
2.    NanoGallery for I18N Gallery is a wrapper for the  core nanoGallery implementation which is a gallery powered by jquery with slideshow support, and is fully responsive and supports swipe actions on mobiles/touch sensitive devices.  

3.    Note, the core nanoGallery implementation supports both displaying images from a local directory as well from an external store such as Flickr.  But this plugin, NanoGallery for I18N Gallery, as a gallery type plugin for i18n Gallery, only supports displaying images from a local directory, because that is what I18N Gallery does. If you want to source images from an external store such as Flickr, then see GetSimple plugin  nanoGallery4GS

4.    For lots of nanoGallery demos see the core nanoGallery implementation  page.

CC BY-NC 3.0. This plugin is naturally totally open source.   The use of the core within is free for private use, but for use in commercial projects or in business environments, you need to purchase a professional license, via the core page


1.    In the i18n Gallery Backend config panel, plugin NanoGallery for I18N Gallery, supports the following config from the core nanoGallery, for  thumbnail display
  • Thumbnail width and height and crop .. for more notes see below
  • Thumbnail padding yes/no, padding colour
  • Thumbnail border width and colour
  • Thumbnail separation/gutterwidth  
2.    Also in the i18n Gallery Backend config panel, for the main image viewer
         Main Viewer toolbar  options
             full  :  Show the full toolbar incl slideshow play/pause, slidenr, title and description.
             labelonly : Show the toolbar but just with the title and description   
             none : Do not show any toolbar / any information

         Image interval when in slideshow mode

3.    Setting the thumbnail width and height
  • If you define the thumbnail height, but leave width empty, then we get a full width justified layout, where the height of all images on each row is the same, and the width of each image set to fit the image. The height of each row is nominally the height defined, but a row may differ in height by it expanding to fit the full width of the containing element.
  • If you define the thumbnail width, but leave height empty, then we get a vertical cascading layout, where the width of all images is the same, and the height of each image is set to fit the image, with all images stacking vertically in multiple columns.
  • If you define both thumbnail width and height, then you can tick crop so each images is cropped to exactly the defined dimensions, if you do not tick crop then each image will be fitted to the defined dimensions while keeping their aspect ratio, so animage may have vertical or horizontal padding depending on the shape.
4.   The nanoGallery core supports a lot of config, but this plugin NanoGallery for I18N Gallery does not extend all of this to the i18n Gallery Backend config panel, only those above Eg no thumb hover effects at the moment.

5.   General config  of plugin  i18n Gallery supported in the (% gallery %) tag  by NanoGallery for I18N Gallery
  • tags :  Comma separated list of tag words (no spaces).  Only those images in the gallery that are tagged with all of these words are shown  
  • thumb  :  Just show one thumb instead of all thumbnails. Specify the index, from 0, of thumbnail to show.
  • id  :  If you have more than one gallery on  a page  then you MUST use this to give a unique id within page. 
  • Eg   :  (% gallery name=my-gallery-1 tags=cats,dogs thumb=4 id=g1 %)   - Just omit a param  if not needed
6.    Note, the plugin  I18N Gallery  has other config to use in the (% gallery %) tag, but may not be supported at the moment by NanoGallery for I18N Gallery.  Only those above are definitely supported.

7.    So let us know if you would like any more of the core or general I18N Gallery config supported …

Install Instructions

1. So first install plugin i18n Gallery, and then you can add in the nanoGallery gallery type plugin as follows

2. Unzip the contents of zip file directly into the /plugins/i18n_gallery.

3. Zip contents
    js / jquery.nanogallery.js
    css/ nanogallery/ nanogallery css files

4. Note, the plugin uses JQuery, and assumes that the library file jquery-1.11.2.min.js is  already included as part of the i18n Gallery, and so is not included as part of this nanoGallery plugin itself.

5. When you setup a gallery of images in the GS Backend then the gallery type ‘nanogallery’  will be available for you to choose in the gallery type pulldown. It’s config will then be visible on the right side. You can just use the defaults to start.

6. So setup a gallery 'my-gallery' in the backend, where gallery type nanogallery is selected, and then in the frontend where you insert  the (% gallery %)  tag, if you choose 'my-gallery' for display, ie  (% gallery name=my-gallery %),  you will see the nanoGallery thumbs.
Hi aldebaran .. Looks good ! But it seems you have left some test text in the plugin file : "nanoGallery - GH Test Version 2 - Ultra Clean One Thumb " ....
Thanks for that. I've removed the text, and a new version 1.0.2 is available - Aldebaran
Hello, i have follow the steps, but NanoGallery not appear Sad
Others gallery like pretty photos etc etc working as usual, but nanogallery no.
(2017-06-11, 21:46:41)lakaroth Wrote: Hello, i have follow the steps, but NanoGallery not appear Sad
Others gallery like pretty photos etc etc working as usual, but nanogallery no.

Hi lakaroth

All seems good with me . I have just done a test install, and is good (latest GetSimple v3.3.13, latest i18n gallery v2.2.1, latest  ‘nanoGALLERY for I18N Gallery’ v1.0.2,  all freshly downloaded  - I can create a nanogallery  gallery with a few images, and see them in a frontend page  with no problem

You will have to tell me some more details for me to help  …

Where / how do you first see the problem  ?

When you create a gallery, and then click on Gallery options,  can you see the type ‘nanogallery’ in the 118n gallery admin panel Type pulldown list of types,?

Can you choose the type ‘nanogallery’ ? , and then see the config page for   ‘nanogallery’ ?

 . . . .


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