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Components Extended [v0.9.1]
(2018-04-25, 05:49:08)datiswous Wrote: Hello, I don't know how to reproduce this

All problems still exist.

- after deleting default components fields, they are still imported from /other/components.xml
- component might be edited only once, saving it again even after reloading page doesn't matter
- occasionally 'components' directory permissions are changed disallowing access to components management

I'd gladly see this plugin working in GS 3.3.13/14
Components Extended v0.9.1 out

Finally got some time to update this. I think I resolved the permissions issue (it incorrectly set folder perms to files when GSCHMOD was undefined). @datiswous & @yojoe I think all issues should be resolved with this, can you test?


- Added de_DE language file
- Fixed permissions issue on components save

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