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QUESTION Interesting dilemma regarding test directory still showing pages
I first uploaded GS 3.3.13 to my apache based web host in a test directory called "new". I added pages&comments plugin and some others (most of the I18n ones and news manager update).

I moved my site from "/new" to the root. I deleted the "/new" directory since I didn't need it anymore.

Here's the weird thing. I can still access pages if I include "new"in the url like this: /new/articles/example-of-page

I deactivated all the plugins. I can still access the site via the non-existent directory.

In admin panel, the address for the page is the url for the site's root (there's no /new in it). There's no "/new" in the .htaccess either. I cleared all caches for the site and in my browser too. I even tried with a completely different browser. Where else should I be checking so that the site can't be accessed via /new/ in the URL?
I finally found it. It's in all the pages/posts in the data folder. I'll be using an app for "find/replace" to fix that.
Nope, that wasn't it. Those were the files on my hard drive. I downloaded the data folder from my host and /new/ wasn't in anything and I can still access the site with /new/ in it.
Alrighty...just for fun, I typed in a URL for a random directory that has never been used or created (I typed in /getsimple in place of /new) and I can still access the site with that. It should, by all means, be giving me a 404 error and does not.

How is this happening?
Its the rewrite rule it only resolves the slug not paths, unless you change it of course.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Thank you ever so much for the reply. What is that in plain English? Smile  I know slug, I know paths, but...change what? The only thing I did was add a rewrite condition for redirects to 2 pages that are popular that have been renamed...or do you mean I need to change something...or what do I need to change?
The way gs currently works with its rewrite in htaccess is that is only resolved the slug part

(.*) regex

So even though your permalink structure is %parent%/%slug%, it really means */parent/slug or even */slug
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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