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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 - 3.3

Last Updated: January 27, 2023
Tags: i18n internationalization navigation hierarchical menu sitemap
Author: mvlcek
Author Website: http://mvlcek.bplaced.net
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Plugin Description:

This plugin adds multilanguage support and hierarchical menus to your website.

Note: I18N is the abbreviation of internationalization (18 characters between i and n)

Just add an underscore and the two-letter language code to a page's name/URL to specify its language. Go to the new I18N view on the admin pages tab to get an overview of your pages and their available language versions and find out easily, which pages need translating.

This plugin will always choose the best page based on the user's language settings and will fall back to the default language if no translation exists. It also supports manual switching of the language by storing the desired language in the session.

This plugin also offers functions for multi-level hierarchical menus (e.g. top level menu in the header and other levels in a side bar) and breadcrumbs, which are of course internationalized (and cached, which means fast).

You can also create a (HTML) sitemap with this plugin.

The admin page for editing was much enhanced to easily select the parent page and the position of the page in the menu.

Example site: http://mvlcek.bplaced.net/

Version 0.9.7: hierarchical pages view with filter, works with 3.0b

Version 1.0: navigation structure view, corrections for 3.0b

Version 1.1: edit menu texts in navigation structure view

Version 1.2: supports external links (with I18N Custom Fields plugin)

Version 1.3: show all pages, show only pages in current language

Version 1.4: add css class open/closed for menu items with children

Version 1.5: functions for URLs with language parameter added

Version 1.6: enhanced navigation structure view, honors private flag

Version 1.7: geti18nlink, geti18ncomponent with parameters, etc.

Version 1.8: supports language in the URL

Version 2.0: open/close pages with children in page view

Version 2.1: geti18nheader (adds language to canonical URL, removes tags starting with _ from keywords)

Version 2.2: autocomplete tags when editing and filter pages by tag with autocomplete

Version 2.3: more fancy URLs

Version 2.4: optionally ignore user language(s) set in browser

Version 2.5: even more fancy URLs (default language without language in URL)

Version 2.6: adjustments for GetSimple 3.1

Version 3.0: custom navigation rendering, sitemap generation

Version 3.1: fixed sitemap generation without fancy URLs, support for GSNOSITEMAP

Version 3.2: optionally include parent, grandparent, etc. in links, selecting pages in editor produces correct fancy URLs

Version 3.2.1: removed i18ncommon directory: update i18ncustomfields to 1.8.5 and i18nsearch to 2.9.2 and delete plugins/i18ncommon

Version 3.3: added hierarchical page list sorted by title

Version 3.3.2: compatible with php8

Install Instructions:

Copy the contents of the zip to your plugin directory, change the default language constant in i18n_base.php, and replace the following functions in your template(s) with their I18N variants:

 get_component with get_i18n_component
 get_navigation with get_i18n_navigation

See http://get-simple.info/forum/post/8812/#p8812, I18N and I18N Navigation for more details.

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