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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 -

Last Updated: September 18, 2011
Tags: downloads images veto action
Author: mvlcek
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(2.7) 6 Votes

Plugin Description:

Intercepts downloads and offers a veto filter and an action for other plugins, e.g. Hitcount 1.0+.

It provides an action "pre-download" (global variable $file is available) and a filter "download-veto" (parameter $file, must return true, if file download is forbidden) for other plugins.

Install Instructions:

Unzip to your plugins directory.

Add a rule like the following to your root .htaccess file (probably at the end):

RewriteRule ^data/uploads/(.*)$ plugins/download_interceptor/intercept.php?file=$1 [L]