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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.3

Last Updated: February 1, 2023
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Author: mvlcek
Author Website: http://mvlcek.bplaced.net
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Plugin Description:

For all those who want an integrated hit and visitor count or don't trust Google Analytics & Co, here's a simple plugin to count hits per page.

You can view the hit counts and other information about your visitors in the admin console under Support - Hits & Visitors. Since version 2.0 charts are used to visualize the data, since version 2.1 you can see the countries of your visitors on a world map.

Since version 0.7 you can view, where the visitors came from, how long they stayed and which browser (user agent) they used.

Version 0.8 shows bars overlaying the numbers in the administration pages and provides template functions for displaying hits and visits.

Version 0.9 shows Operating Systems, Browsers and Languages (based on the user agent).

Version 1.0 will track downloads, if the Download Interceptor plugin is installed.

Version 1.1 supports an IP blacklist and counting hits on other sites

Version 1.2 allows translations (I18N)

Version 1.3 supports moving Hitcount to another admin tab

Version 2.0: Faster, Better & Charts & Export

Version 2.1: determine and view visitor countries, set/unset cookie to prevent hit counting

Version 2.2: support IPv6, update indexing

Version 2.3: php8 compatibility, improved IP/country download

Install Instructions:

Unzip to your plugins directory. (When upgrading to 2.0+, delete the old plugins/hitcount folder first)

For exports enable site-wide cookies in your gsconfig.php.

If you want to track downloads from the downloads directory, install the Download Interceptor plugin.

The plugin tries to create a directory /data/other/hitcount but depending on your hoster's setting this might be unsuccessful or just create a directory that can not be written to.

If the hit counts remain zero although you access the site:

  • create a directory hitcount in /data/other with mode 0777
  • if you use Apache, create a .htaccess file with "DENY FROM ALL" in this directory

If you want to blacklist some IP addresses in order to not count hits originating from them, put them in a file /data/other/hitcount_blacklist.txt, separated by blanks or newlines.

If you want to have Hitcount on the Pages tab, add the following to your gsconfig.php:


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