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Cookies plugin 1.3.1 (Plugin)

The plugin writes a message in the page of the web for to accept cookies. If cookie is accepted then it...
Tagged: cookies message

Greek language for Cookies Plugin (cbcookies) v0.1 (Plugin Language)

Here is the Greek translation for Cookies Plugin (CB Cookies). I didn't touch the messages shown to the...
Tagged: Greek Language Ελληνικ? Γλ?σσα

Russian lang for Cookies plugin 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Russian lang for Cookies plugin
Tagged: Russian language

[Cookies plugin] French translation 0.1 (Plugin Language)

French translation for the plugin Cookie : * setup page in french * and obviously french warning messages.
Tagged: Cookies français french tarduction translation

Accessibility 1.1 (Plugin)

Add an Accessibility Toolbar for people with vision problems. <br><br> Ver. 1.1...
Tagged: accessibility toolbar vision problems blind

Italian Language for Cookies Plugin 1.3.1 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Italian Language File for Cookies Plugin 1.3.1
Tagged: italian language translation it_IT cookies message

My SMTP Contact 1.1.2 (Plugin)

This plugin will help you to set up a contact form with captcha and checkbox. Plugin can be used SMTP (Simple...
Tagged: contact form contact contacts smtp form forms mail

Info Pop 1.1 (Plugin)

Info for site users ( you can use it for all info what do you want, never show after...
Tagged: info popup cookies