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ARGuestbook 1.2.0 (Plugin)

With this plugin you can have a complete guestbook on your getsimple site,it has post management (from admin...
Tagged: guestbook news manager

Guestbook 4.5.6 (Plugin)

Add a guestbook to your site easily.<br /> <br /> <b>Description and...
Tagged: guestbook comments emoticons reply captcha bbcode

Pages & Comments 3.2 (Plugin)

With this plugin is very easy to put comments in a page created with getsimple. It is a beta version but I...
Tagged: comments guestbook captcha emoticons phpmailer users

Gestbook Plugin: Italian 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Italian translation for Guestbook Plugin.
Tagged: Italian Guestbook Plugin Language

Feedback Lite 0.2 (Plugin)

A simple plugin for the feedback on the website. The feedback can be displayed on every...
Tagged: guestbook feedback comments

French language for Guestbook plugin 1.0 (Plugin Language)

French translation for Guestbook Plugin by cumbe. Traduction française du plugin Guestbook (Livre...
Tagged: french francais comments guestbook plugins plugin

Guestbook with pre-moderation 1.1 (Plugin)

- This plugin allows you to insert an guestbook with pre-moderation of comments on your GS site. -...
Tagged: guestbook comments reply captcha feedback

Guestbook Plugin: Polish Language 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Polish translation for Guestbook Plugin.
Tagged: Polish Poland Plugin Guestbook Language