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Font Resizer 1.01 (Plugin)

I have created a new plugin that allows a website visitor to increase/decrease the font size of the page...
Tagged: Font Resizing Plugin

Maroon 1.01 (Theme)

This is a theme I created for my website, but I thought people might find it useful. Integrated File...
Tagged: Theme Maroon Twiiter Widget Weather Widget

Image Resizer 1.04 (Plugin)

This plugins let's you dynamically generate resized images from your uploads folder. It supports...
Tagged: image resizer resizer responsive image

German File for Image Resizer 1.0 (Language)

Tagged: Image Resizer Germanfile

Russian translation for Image Resizer 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Russian translation of a Image Resizer plugin. Added tips from plugin author.
Tagged: image resizer Rassian translation language

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