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QUESTION Innovation theme: Getting rid of reset.css?

at the moment I try to redesign my style.css and therefore I downloaded one of my pages as page.html to my desktop and a style.css next to it. I edited the path to the local style.css and it works fine.

BUT: the links in the article of the page do not work! And simple text cannot be marked with the mouse to inspect the element in Firefox.

Without access to a reset.css the page seems to be dead. When going online, it works.

Can anybody help me: why this construction with a reset.css? Do I need it? Couldn't I delete it and make all formattings in style.css?

And: what magic information is contained in reset.css that makes the site looking like dead in the browser without it?


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Innovation theme: Getting rid of reset.css? - by Hypertexter - 2015-03-29, 03:28:05

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