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PROBLEM I18N & News Manager Updated
Hello there, i try to understand how to use News Manager Updated with i18N multilanguage plugin.
I have installed News Manager but on the plugin TAB i can only write articles in 1 lang...
I have also try to create an artcile with _EN (For second language like i18N) but it won't work.
English is not my lang so reading all documentation i got lost, i reallly don't understand who to create 2 lang articles.

There's a solution?
Or another plugin?

A bunch of three plugins allows you to create multi-lingual sites.
I18N, I18N Search and I18N Special pages
Also you need this plugin.
Example site
Thank you Oleg06, i have installed I18N and the multilanguage it works.
Only The News Manager is in one language and i can't understand how to make it in two lang.
Pagify is the solution?
Refuse to use the news Manager and use the plugins I specified.
Ok thank you very much!

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