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Custom Fields (and I18N)
(2016-07-27, 03:31:31)mvlcek Wrote:
(2016-07-27, 02:37:05)smsHH Wrote:
(2016-05-01, 04:05:33)vixrealitum Wrote: I question whether it is possible to hide or disable individual custom fields in the admin panel ? I added a eight fields . I would like to have three first visible on the home page , the next four on the next page and the last one to the next . Is it possible to somehow do it ? Maybe someone has an idea how to do it using CSS something else ?

I also would like to know if this is possible because I have many customfields. It would be easier to see what content is actually on the site. Thank you :-)

If you want to have different custom fields depending on the page (type) you should look at I18N Special Pages.

mvlcek if I have a home page and want to add custom fields to it, I can only do it through the Custom Fields plugin. Index page cannot be removed and recreated from the special pages plugin. Other pages can be created by special pages only the problem is that they inherit all special fields from the main page. I wanted to keep it to a minimum. I would like to display only those fields that are currently used.

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