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QUESTION GetSimple Blog or news manager
Hey there Awesome community!   Cool

recently i investigated the best way to include "posts" on GetSimple...
2 plugins caught my eye :

A. GetSimple Blog - link.
B. news manager - link.

i want to use something that has a chance to be updated in future ....

news manager looks great but it's missing an option to create "Post Categories" .
GetSimple looks better with more feature's but ! 
Plugin - Author's Website seems "Deserted" and last update was a long time ago - link.
hope johny is ok

any suggestions on what to use?
from your personal experience ?

thank you ALL You XML geeks !
I18N Search + I18N Special Pages
Probably depends on who will use that. Like if i make simple website to someone, they usually want everything to be dead easy and "automatic". I use News Manager for everything Wink, but If u need categories i would use GetSimple Blog, untill News Manager get the categories Smile.
You might need to explain to me what 'categories' are. When I use News Manager I add 'tags' to posts so the tags 'home' and 'projects' would then mean the article is included in the Projects page and is listed in 'Recent Aticles' on the Home page. Is categories something else?

To get the best of News Manager you need the full suite of add-ons so that you can display posts almost how you like on different pages - with images, text extracts, just a list of titles, whatever.

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