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Items Manager - ver: 1.4
Hey. Is there a way to incorperate i18n in someway? i would want to use this plugin to show "offers" in some way. And my site has 3 languages. And i would want to reuse the same image for example but seperate input fields for the different languages. For instance could use headline / headline_en / headline_se as custom fields and only show the current language field. I know i could use the special pages plugin. But for the enduser it would be nice to seperate pages and offers, wich i think this would do. Any ideas or if this would be possible in some way? i am just a frontend developer so not that good at the programming things. Thanks
linden Wrote:Hey, Is there a way to incorporate i18n in someway?
I'd recommend using I18N Special Pages instead as i18n is "baked in" so to speak.
Modern UI Admin for GetSimple
Watch the demo. Install this plugin. Use this CSS. Enjoy.
Well as i mentioned i know that i can use "special pages" BUT, i would want to seperate pages and "items" to make it easier for the content editor to manage. Since these wont be pages but items on a page. I would be satisfied if in someway i could put <?php if ($language == 'en') { ?>...<?php } ?> in the template wich doesnt seem to work. But something like that. Anyone got some kind of solution for this?
linden Wrote:...I would want to separate pages and "items" to make it easier for the content editor to manage. Since these won't be pages but items on a page.
This is what I18N Special Pages, together with I18N Search is awesome for. You just customise the "search" tab of a special page type to customise the output of each item, then use
(% searchresults addtags=_special_offer %)
on a page to output your offers.

Also, you can use Custom Admin CSS plugin with some basic CSS to hide the special pages from Page Management too to keep clutter down. For example, if the parent's slug is "offers":
#tr-offers .dirtoggle { display:none; } .dirtoggle { display:inline; }
Modern UI Admin for GetSimple
Watch the demo. Install this plugin. Use this CSS. Enjoy.
Thanks Sal, I appreciate your ideas. But i am using special-pages already wich is working great, but i dont want to use the pages tree for adding items in a list, to be able to have them seperated from eachother in the admin for easier use. So i would want to use the item-manager plugin therefor asking if anyone would know a way or an idea how to show the different fields ending the names with _en _se and so on in the output template to be able to use several languages.
I agree with Linden, although Special Pages is once again a great plugin from mvlcek, Items Manager works better for many end-users. They understand it better, the fields are directly in sight, etc.
But I also want to have best of both worlds combining it with mvlcek Search, therefor I have to 'dive into' mvlcek Custom Field Indexing for searching items.

For my best friend site I've managed to 'connect' mvlcek's Gallery with Items Manager and to show items also on the front page. There should be random 3 or 4 items on the front but I'm working on that.
You can see it here (Dutch)
Would there be a kind soul who would be able to help with this?
There is a problem with saving links in the WYSIWYG editor. After every edit (read: save) quotes are repeatedly stored with addslashes wich result in something likes this \\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\\"

Also links are garbled to http://www.domain/%5C%22 or often simple removed after an edit.

Does anybody having same problems with link(s) in the IM WYSIWYG field?
Is better to add options link in uploader. For example when user using unsupported browser can upload the images by simple uploader. I say this cuz i am starting develop getsimple for mobile.
For me, the lake of a decent "catalog' plugin is the major disadvantage of Get-simple, since I need to turn into doing it with wordpress , and I do not like Wordpress - too heavy for nothing ...

I really hope this plugin will turn into a full-flaged catalog .
(2011-08-30, 13:38:29)mikeh Wrote: Items Manager - Ver. 1.4
Download From Extend
View GitHub Repos.

An items manager to manage products, services, and other related items.

  • Individual Customs Fields Manager
    Full control over every field for the manager, including wysiwyg editors and custom file uploaders.
  • Results Page, Can be narrowed down by category
  • Category Manager to create new categories of products or services
  • Easily include item data into your template

1. Drag Contents From Zip File To Plugins Folder
2. Browse To Pages->Items Manager->Settings Page (See Screenshot Below)
2a. Choose Title Of Items Manager, Page To Display Results On, & Choose The Page You Would Like The Individual Items To Be Displayed On
3. Browse To Pages->Items Manager->Custom Fields Page (See Screenshot Below)
3a. Choose Desired Custom Fields. Note you could choose an uploader to upload item specific images and retrieve them separate from content area.
4. Use Custom Fields In Items Detailed Page's Template
4a. Retreive the value of the item's custom fields by placing simple code snippets in the "Item Details Page" template file (See Code Example Below).

Below Is A Modified template.php File From Innovation Theme (Renamned to template_item.php
<?php if(!defined('IN_GS')){ die('you cannot load this page directly.'); }
* @File:             tempate.php
* @Package:        GetSimple
* @Action:        Innovation theme for the GetSimple 3.0

# Get this theme's settings based on what was entered within it's plugin.
# This function is in functions.php

# Include the header template
    <div class="wrapper clearfix">
        <!-- page content -->
                <!-- title and content -->
                <div style="text-align:left;height:25px;float:left;margin-bottom:10px;"><a href="javascript:history.go(-1)">Back To Search Results</a></div><br/>
    <div style="clear:both">

    <div style="width:100%;">
    <div style="width:200px;float:left;">
        <img src="<?php getTheField('image1');  ?>" style="float:left;max-width:200px;height:auto;" />
    <div style="width:380px;float:left;margin-left:20px;">
        <h2><strong><?php getTheField('title');  ?></strong></h2>
        <p style="text-align:left;"><?php getTheField('content');  ?></p>
    <div style="clear:both;"></div>
    <div style="width:100%;margin-top:20px;text-align:left;">
        <h2>Game Details</h2><br/>
        <div style="width:230px;float:left;">
            <strong>Players: </strong><?php getTheField('players');  ?><br/>
            <strong>Release Date </strong><?php getTheField('release_date');  ?>><br/>
            <strong>ESRB Rating: </strong><?php getTheField('rating');  ?><br/>
        <div style="width:230px;float:left;margin-left:80px;">
            <strong>Genre(s): </strong><?php getTheField('genres');  ?><br/>
            <strong>Publisher: </strong><?php getTheField('publisher');  ?>><br/>
            <strong>Engine: </strong><?php getTheField('engine');  ?>
                <div style="clear:both">
                <!-- page footer -->
                <div class="footer">
                    <p>Published on <time datetime="<?php get_page_date('Y-m-d'); ?>" pubdate><?php get_page_date('F jS, Y'); ?></time></p>
        <!-- include the sidebar template -->
        <?php include('sidebar.php'); ?>

<!-- include the footer template -->
<?php include('footer.php'); ?>

This is, as of now, a rough draft of the plugin and will be expanded upon after feedback and suggestions are received. So please try it out and let me know how it works for you and what you would like to see included or changed.


"View All Items" Page
[Image: 1-view-all.jpg]

"Add New Item" Page
[Image: 2-add-new.jpg]

"Manage Categories" Page
[Image: 3-categories.JPG]

"Custom Fields" Page
[Image: 4-custom-fields.jpg]

"Settings" Page
[Image: 4-settings.jpg]

Front-End - "All Results" Page
[Image: 6-front-end.JPG]

Note: Due to time constraints and ease of integration, for now, the custom fields portion is a modified version of Mvlcek's Custom Fields plugin. It works independent from the his plugin and will not conflict.

Pagify it's missing!!! How can i pagify the loaded content?! Any help?!
Hi, thank you for the great plugin.
For some reason I can't find the option for filebrowser in custom field definition - what am i doing wrong ?
this plugin is awesome. But i thing it should be a pagination for a group of products. Is there a chance to add pagination in the near future?
user plugin: scroll to top
Ya... pagination is needed. Otherwise is useless...
Need a list category in select, but 'im_get_list_for_select()' is not working for me.
Update to v1.6 gives unclear info in Plugin tab :

Item Manager (without s) - Full Featured Item Manager
Items Manager - Manages Custom Fields ...
Version 1.4
Update to 1.6
See picture.

Furthermore javascript errors with GetSimple 3.2.3:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../plugins/items/js/jquery-ui.sort.min.js"></script>

<link href="../plugins/items/uploader/client/fileuploader.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<script src="../plugins/items/uploader/client/fileuploader.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

src="../plugins/... must be src="/plugins/...

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
This addon is ok, but I ran into a lot of bugs, some of the big ones :
-There has to be a 'content' field created, otherwise an item bugs when trying to save it.
-The 'content' field is messed up by the code so WYSIWYG will not work for it.
-All custom fields have to be in small letters else it will not save.
-page urls will not work when fancy urls is not active.

I had to go to IMclass.php and remove the references to the forced 'content' field for it to be able to work properly. needlessly wasted time messing around with stuff like this...
My listed Items dont get searched by I18n Search Plugin.. no results from Items are shown..
(2012-09-29, 10:18:26)Rene Wrote: There is a problem with saving links in the WYSIWYG editor. After every edit (read: save) quotes are repeatedly stored with addslashes wich result in something likes this \\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\\"

Also links are garbled to http://www.domain/%5C%22 or often simple removed after an edit.

Does anybody having same problems with link(s) in the IM WYSIWYG field?

I only had this problem when the site was hosted on

I moved it on an other freehost ( and the is no problem. The site is now hosted on a paid hosting, and there are no problems at all.

You can see it on
Any opinion?
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
Looking through this thread it would seem this pertains to v1.5, Mikeh subsequently brought out v1.6 to fix a vulnerability (I would assume it was this one).

However, by the looks of it Mikeh is long gone from the forums and hasn't updated any of his plugins anymore since so personally I doubt it would be smart to keep (or start) using his plugins with future versions of GS.

Though by the looks of it (reading some of the reactions here) I think it does still work with the current version.
FYI there's a remake of this plugin: Item Manager Extended
Hi there,

anyone knows if there's a way to sort all items by date or maybe a given integer?

Alternatively anyone knows where in the plugin source the sorting (guess by name) is programmed? Can't find it :-(

Thanks for any help or advice,


If anyone is interested or got the same problem:
EDIT the IMclassDisplay.php and there the function: "private function filterAllItems($node=null)"
Help please, I need to make the selection of materials for the two criteria state and type.
Materials have tags and have subsidiaries of the parent page
There are plug-in installed i18n page and Items Manager
How can this be done?
Well, the only reasonable opinion on this...

(2014-04-11, 21:44:57)D.O. Wrote: Any opinion?

...could be this...

(2014-04-11, 23:41:11)Carlos Wrote: FYI there's a remake of this plugin: Item Manager Extended

...unless there is someone who would be willing to write a new and even better one, of course. Wink

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