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What about next GS Version... Feature requests by me
Carlos Wrote:Another way, would be creating those blocks as GS pages (better as private ones), then inserting them in the template with
<?php getPageContent('pageslug'); ?>

They (or some of them) could be grouped under the same parent (let's call it "blocks", or whatever) so that they're not mixed with normal pages...
How about creating one page that has its own custom/special fields (defined with WYSIWYG editors) and naming it 'block', then calling the blocks from it using:

<?php getPageField('block', 'blockname'); ?>

The page would again need to be kept private, but this would eliminate the need for having a different page created for every custom block wanted. I offer this just as a current solution, because I also think it would be a good idea to have a get_block() and get_i18n_block() as functions in the future too.

*edit* Also placeholders such as (% blockname %) would be nice to be able to use in page content, but mvlcek's DynPages plugin might easily be modified to do the job with {% blockname %}.

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