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Innovation Theme 1.1 (Theme)

This is the new default theme for GetSimple powered websites as of the 3.0 release. This has not been tested...
Tagged: default theme html5 plugin-enabled

Innovation Theme Plugin 1.1 (Plugin)

This is the plugin that gives added flexibility to the default theme for GetSimple 3.0
Tagged: innovation theme plugin

Spoiler Plugin 1.9 (Plugin)

This Plugin adds the ability to use [spoiler] [/spoiler] BBCode Style on GetSimple Pages. It is optimized...
Tagged: Spoiler

Innovation Theme: deutsche Sprachdatei / german languagefile 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Innovation ist das Standard-Theme von GetSimple. Zu ihm gehört ein Plugin und dieses unterstützt...
Tagged: german language file for Innovation Plugin

Innovation Theme Plugin : French 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Version Française du plugin du thème Innovation
Tagged: french français innovation

InnovationOutline 1.4 (Theme)

An updated version of the Original GetSimple Innovation theme. This version allows for better use of HTML5 ...
Tagged: Innovation Outlining HTML5 machine searchable

Nest Theme 1.0 (Theme)

Nest Theme is our first Getsimple Theme. It's a simple green theme. We used HTML5 and the default based...
Tagged: green simple nest html5

Innovation Theme Plugin: Italian 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Italian translation for Innovation Theme Plugin.
Tagged: Italian Innovation Plugin Language

News Manager Title 0.2 (Plugin)

This plugin tries to add the title of the current News Manager post to the page `<title>` tag. It...
Tagged: news manager title post seo blog posts

Responsive Innovation 1.0 (Theme)

I made the default GS theme responsive with the Skeleton css grid and it works well. You can see the...
Tagged: responsive innovation

OnePage Innovation 1.0 (Theme)

The Default Innovation Theme made into a smooth scrolling Single Page site template. Just to show the...
Tagged: Single Page One Page scrolling innovation

Danish Language for innovationplugin 1.0 (Plugin Language)

placer da_DA.php i plugin - lang
Tagged: Danish dansk innovation plugin language

Dutch language for the default InnovationPlugin 1.0 (Plugin Language)

Dutch translation for the default InnovationPlugin
Tagged: InnovationPlugin Innovation dutch nederlands

Innovation theme with dropdown menu 1.0 (Theme)

Innovation theme with dropdown menu
Tagged: dropdown menu

Verti 1.1 (Theme)

All credit for design to . This is a straight conversion of their template. My demo of the GS...
Tagged: responsive drop down

I18N InnovationGrid Theme v0.1.1 (Theme)

This theme package is intended to provide a quick and easy-to-install starting point for a responsive,...
Tagged: theme responsive i18n authentication authorization