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I18N Search 2.13.4 (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to search for tags (keywords) and words. It uses an automatically created index and...
Tagged: search internationalization i18n tags keywords rss feed

I18N Special Pages extras 1.25 (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to control which special page fields are required, validate fields by regex, it allows...
Tagged: field required field validation special pages field info required I18N Special Pages images

Custom Menu - polish 0.5 (Plugin Language)

Polish translation for Angryboy's Custom Menu plugin. Polskie t?umaczenie wtyczki Custom Menu...
Tagged: custom menu polish polski pl t?umaczenie translation polish translation menu polish menu polskie menu

I18n DeepL Page Translation 1.0.3 (Plugin)

This plugin allows automatic translation of GetSimple CMS pages using the <a...
Tagged: deepl translation i18n multilingual