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Essential Knowledge for GetSimple Administrators

Folder-Structure of GetSimple

These are the most important directories:

  • mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/admin - log in here to edit content, add themes etc.
  • mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/admin/lang - upload the language files which you need here. You will find translations in the EXTEND section.
  • mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/data - here the user-generated data is stored.
  • mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/data/uploads - this is where you upload files either directly using the Files Tab or an external FTP-program.
  • mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/plugins - here you upload plugins.
  • mydomain.tld/path-to-get-simple/theme - here you upload themes which you want to use in GetSimple, each theme in it's own named folder.

Page Names, Titles and Slugs

A page in GetSimple has

  • A Page Title or Page Heading which is normally displayed at the top of the page itself.
  • A 'Menu Text' which is a normally short name for display in the site Navigation Links
  • A 'slug' which is the text used in the page url and also the filename of the xml file which stores the page data.
  • An html title as defined in the head section of the page's html. It might be the same as the Page Title or defined by the Custom Title plugin.

They might be all the same and they might be all different. And there is a Site Title too.

Some Definitions

  • The Following might be unfamiliar terms:
    • File Permissions and chmod: On a Linux Server 'permissions' are set for files and folders to control who can read , write, and execute them. Chmod (Change Mode) is the command to alter those permissions.
    • htaccess: An .htaccess (hypertext access) file is a configuration file used by apache servers to control access to files and directories. The file is found in the directory it applies to.
    • Themes: The theme is the set of files which control the look and layout of a GetSimple site. A Wordpress term.
    • Templates: A theme can include any number of page Templates which contain the html to define different page layouts or include different pieces of code. The default template is always named template.php and is in the theme folder. In some themes (like the Innovation theme) the template file is split into parts.
    • Plugins: Plugins contain additional code for extra functionality. Another Wordpress term.
    • Components: A component is a piece of text, html, php or other code which can be inserted into a page template. See Components


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